When I was migrating my personal web site from an ancient box in my basement running FreeBsd to a Linux VM hosted in the cloud during the summer of 2020 in the middle the CovidNineteenPandemic, I decided to integrate MoinMoin, a great wiki app, back into my web site. I've enjoyed using MoinMoin on and off over the years and am considering GivingBack by getting involved in MoinMoin's development. Maybe fix a bug or two to start. Anyway, when I was reviewing the list of bugs in the current MoinMoin release I ran across the following link on the MoinMoin Wiki at the bottom of the page under a section named Interesting links:

Have a look, it's a good read. After nearly 30 years in software development, it still amazes me when a QA resource doesn't know how to report a software bug or defect. It has 3 key, essential items. Without all three you are wasting time and money - often that of your employer. The items are:

Even 'seasoned' QA resources very often miss the 3rd part, yet it's as important as the first two. If the developer who is trying to fix the bug doesn't know what your expectation of the software was, how can they possibly figure what corrective action to take. You cannot assume they can read your mind or know the expected out come. Report the defect completely and correctly.


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